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SONOMANS ABBY AND JOHN CUNHA look over the seasonal, locally grown produce available this summer on Saturday mornings at the Sonoma Garden Park. Flowers, eggs and freshly baked breads are available along with other locally produced fruits and vegetables. To read the article, click here.

Thanks to The Sonoma Index-Tribune for promoting Sonoma Garden Park and all the wonderful programs we have going on this summer. I couldn’t have said it any better


View from the garden on the first day of summer


Week #2: Carrots, Lettuce, Radishes, Kale, Strawberries, Mullberries, Spring Onions, Green Garlic, and perhaps some Fava Beans

The weeds are growing strong, it seems they are growing as fast or faster than my food crops. My days are spent rotating through the gardening prioritizing where to weed and then weeding. I enjoy the solitude of weeding alone, I also enjoy weeding with others. It is amazing how fast we can knock down those weeds in a single morning with a grip of helpers. We knocked down weeds in 5-6 six beds the other day and I was IMPRESSED. Weeds are very time-consuming and a lot of folks ask why organic produce costs more. Weeds is one of the answers. Conventional farmers purchase sprays to knock down the weeds, but here at Sonoma Garden Park (Farm), we use good ole man power. Weeding is therapeutic too, good for the body and mind, so come and join me anytime!!

Farmer Rebecca

Only a few spots left…

Just think, you could be enjoying fresh produce for the next 23 weeks from Sonoma Garden Park, your local educational farm and community garden. Join now or to learn all about how our CSA works on Wednesday at 6pm at  Sonoma Garden Park, 19996 7th Street East, between MacArthur and Denmark.

P.S. These fresh berries are a delight and a guarantee in your bag, so what are you waiting for?

First pick-up is less then a month away…

So sign up today for the Sonoma Garden Park CSA 2010 season. The produce is picked in the morning and you pick it up in the afternoon. The price is only $18 a week which feeds about 2-3 a week if you are not vegetarian and the season lasts for 23 weeks.  Flowers and eggs are also an option, each for $5 more a week.

You can find the application at the Sonoma Ecology Center website.

My days are spent planting the garden so I can create a nice bountiful mixed bag of produce. Expect to eat lots of onions and potatoes this year, along with the regulars like tomatoes, summer squash, lettuce, greens, rainbow chard, and of course, apples.

CSA for 2010.

The rain is coming down outside and inside I am planning out the season. Thursday I start planting my summer veggies, including tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant. Sunday is the full moon and somehow the gravity of the full moon help these little seeds get rooted. Perfect timing too in order to plant the little babies out at the end of April and early May. Fingers crossed and weather permitting, that gives us tomatoes in July. That’s over six months away.

Meantime,  it’s time to start signing up for these delicious fruits and veggies. This year the CSA starts the first week of June and end the first week of November. Pick-ups are on Wednesday from 3:00-6:00 pm. Your pre-packed bag of produce costs $20 a week and will feed an omnivorous family of 2-3. For merely $4 more a week, you can also take home an arrangement of flowers. Eggs will also be an option.

Beets and mulberries for the CSA.

2010 CSA Season is June 2, 2010 – November 3, 2010

If you are new to the CSA, check out last years blog posts to see some samples of what’s to come (should you sign up). Which reminds me, only 15 members this year so get your application in to reserve your spot.

Signing out for now and hoping to see you soon,

Farmer Rebecca

The 25th pick-up

In the box: walnuts, delicata squash, tomatoes, figs, apples, summer squash, carrots, lettuce and one more item still to be determined.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. The season has been kind and I have enjoyed growing for you. Already I have planted garlic and leeks for the spring and am close to getting my Fava beans in – remember those from the first pick-up? The garden is slowing down but still chugging along. I will open the Saturday market for a few more weeks but once the freeze hits, I will close for the winter.

Recently I had some left over winter squash and I added it to my morning egg scramble. YUM. Here’s the recipe that feeds two hungry farmers:

4 eggs whisked
2 strips bacon
Half of a baked delicata
Small summer squash

Pre-heat pan. Add bacon and cut into bit size pieces. Drain some oil, cut squashes into bit size pieces and add. Sauté for 5 minutes and add eggs. Scramble it all up and serve. Also great with potatoes, garlic, onions, chard, and so on.

Check out this very cool praying mantis that has befriended me on the garden.

All the best!

Find us at

19996 Seventh Street East, Sonoma between MacArthur and Denmark Streets

CSA Pick-up Information

Starts June 2nd and runs until November 3rd. Produce pick-up is on Wednesdays between 3:00 - 6:00pm.


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